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Boston occupies a pivotal place in American history as the site of the Boston Tea Party, where on 16 December 1773 a group of citizens boarded three ships moored in Boston Harbour and threw the cargo of tea into the water, part of a resistance to the Tea Act passed in Britain that year. The closest we came to the site of the incident was the plaque below marking the location of Griffin's Wharf. It's a large, modern office block now.


A short walk away is the Paul Revere House, the oldest surviving structure in Boston. It was from here that Revere left for his 'midnight ride' on 18 April 1775 to Lexington to warn of British troop movements.


On the same date, under Revere's instruction, two lanterns were hung in the steeple of Old North Church to signal that British troops were advancing to Lexington and Concord by sea. ('One if by land, two if by sea.') The Battles of Lexington and Concord were fought the next day, the first engagements of the revolutionary war.


By the time the Massachusetts State House was completed in 1798 the war was won.


Boston is a handsome city and the posh Beacon Hill district contains Acorn Street, often cited as the 'most photographed street in America'.


The city is also famous as the location of the sitcom Cheers. The exterior shots were filmed at the Bull and Finch Pub.


The snug interior of the pub looks nothing like the set - the show was filmed before a studio audience in Hollywood. But, in a case of life imitating art, on the ground floor there is now a 'set bar' modelled on the show.


We planned to stop for a drink but it was incredibly busy. So instead we headed to the Boston Beer Works, where beer is both brewed and served on the premises.



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How to eat for less than £10 a day: Part 7


Watch out for companies handing out free promotional food. Then, five minutes later, walk past again and pick up some more!

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All About Albany

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Albany was intended just to be a stopover between Toronto and Boston but as we made our way to our motel yesterday evening we were struck by the architecture and resolved to get some pictures in the morning. So, as Karen waited in the Greyhound station with our bags, Ben headed into the centre with his camera.

Albany's a university city. The State University of New York's administrative building, built in the early twentieth century, looks strangely redolent of London's Tower Bridge.


The State Capitol, completed in 1889, is currently undergoing what appears to be a substantial renovation. The architecture is quite different from the cupola-topped domes that we've seen in other US state capitals.


There are many old churches in Albany. Here are just a couple of them - St Peter's Episcopal Church and St Mary's Catholic Church:



And the City Hall, which looks somewhat church-like:


Finally, the State Education Building, another early twentieth-century construction, is very large and very grand.


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Back in the USA


From Toronto we had two choices - stay in Canada and visit Montreal or cross back into the States at Buffalo and head towards Boston. It would have been good to see Montreal, but the economics worked against us. The Canadian dollar is particularly strong at the moment and £1 will buy around CA$1.50 compared to US$1.65. So we get fewer dollars for our money and, because the Canadian dollar is usually worth less than the US dollar, everything is more expensive. We've been amazed at how much some essentials cost.

So we sadly bid goodbye to Canada and thank Malcolm, Brenda and Emma for being such great hosts for the last week. We had some time yesterday to plan and book our accommodation for the final two weeks of our trip. Just two weeks! Still, we go out on a high - we still have the sights of Boston, Cape Cod, Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York to look forward to. But our destination today is New York State's capital, Albany.

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Wonderland Washout

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We managed to pick the worst day to visit Canada's Wonderland, a theme park in Vaughan, Ontario.


The rain was falling when we arrived at the park at 10am, but everything appeared to be working so we went in. We got to go on a few rides - getting very wet in the process - but just as we were about to go on Behemoth there was a clap of thunder and it was promptly closed. A lightning storm while riding the park's tallest rollercoaster would have added a different dimension to the ride.


The rain showed no sign of stopping. Thoroughly drenched we sought solace at SpongeBob SquarePants 4D - mercifully undercover. Gradually the rain slowed and eventually stopped but we were still soaked through and chilly. A few more rides and we were done.

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