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An Alarming Development

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After staying in what was described in our guidebook as the 'Rolls Royce' of hostels, our hostel in Vancouver is, well, not so nice. We're staying in a cramped and messy six-bed dorm and, on opening the lockers to put our bags in, we found each and every one stuffed with empty beer cans, together with flies attracted to the stale beer. We haven't yet felt the need to complain about the state of a room and didn't want to incur the ire of our roommates, but on balance we decided that a line had been crossed and that we should talk to reception. The cans were duly cleared out.

The room also overlooks a busy road and, at some point last night, to the general din was added the non-stop ring of an alarm clock. It woke Ben, who couldn't believe that someone had set their alarm to go off so late, and that they weren't doing anything about it. Eventually someone in one of the other beds got up, made a bit of noise, and soon after the alarm fizzled out.

So it was with some confusion that Ben approached his locker this morning to find that his lock, while still intact, was badly twisted. Inside he spied his alarm clock but, remembering that he had removed the battery a couple of days ago to stop its loud ticking noise, knew the alarm couldn't have been his. Except the clock was merrily ticking, showing completely the wrong time. Anyway, the alarm was switched off... wasn't it? No. Clearly at some point in his bag the battery had slipped back in and the alarm switch had moved to 'on'. The noise in the night was the sound of someone else in the room trying unsuccessfully to break into his locker. Quite why the alarm stopped when it did is still something of a mystery.

So we'd replaced the empty beer cans with a ringing alarm clock that no one else in the room could turn off. Our moral high ground turned out to be a valley.

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You're very fortunate that you didn't end up in the locker after waking everybody up in the middle of the night!

by Popsy

Oh dear Beanie!! After all that moral high ground. that's one way to make new friends not!! Mind you I agree with the beer cans no need for that. I bet you had to creep out the room rather sheepish. I bet they all knew it was you. You're lucky that they haven't left you a nice present of some kind or personally woken you up by shouting at you or worse. Lets hope the next few days are less eventful and more fun,maybe you could win them over with some beer.
By the way the sunsets were lovely,we had a nice rainbow last night very vivid in colour it, I think it ended at Fi's maybe there's a pot of gold in their garden. XXX

by nessie noodles

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